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Thessaloniki Transfers


Thessaloniki transfer or transfers can mean from travelling within the city to traveling to nearby areas, such as Halkidiki, Kavala, Katerini and other destinations.

Even though Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, it is not as big as you may think. Therefore, a single transfer in Thessaloniki will probably not exceed the rate of 30 euros, with that being an example of the highest rate for a transfer from the west side of the city to Macedonia airport, which is at the east side of the city. For your transfers, within the city center, it is highly recommended to book a taxi, instead of using the bus, which is the only alternative way of transfer in Thessaloniki, as there is no tram or metro.

Thessaloniki offers you a variety of interesting things to do and places to visit. There are a number of museums, archaeological sites and monuments, such as the Archaeological area of Thessaloniki Roman Forum, the museum of Byzantine Culture, the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki, the state museum of Contemporary art and many more. Fortunately, for those of you who are not very keen to travel long distances, most of these places are within a walking distance form each other, or you may need to travel by taxi or bus, but it will not take you more than 20 minutes. It is worth it though, as you get the chance to discover some of the most ancient pieces of history of the world.

Now, let us fill you in in some of the basic information about Thessaloniki. The city was founded by the King of Macedonia Kassandros in 315B.C; the city is named after Kassandrosʼ wife, who was also Alexanderʼs the Great sister.

Moreover, in 1997 Thessaloniki was announced the European Cultural Capital of Europe and in 2014 it was announced European Youth Capital City; both titles are of high significance and importance for the city.

In more recent news, Thessaloniki serves for all tastes and ages; it offers from historical and educational options to restaurants and bars. There are a couple of spots within the city where you can find shops, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs and anything else you wish to find during your holidays. The best example is the city centre, which lies around Aristotelous square, that is the cityʼs most central spot.

We promise you that the city of Thessaloniki and its hidden treasures will not let you down and you will definitely enjoy your stay. However, you should be open to meeting local people, who know the city best and will offer you the best guidance and suggestions, in order to experience the real Thessaloniki.

When being on holidays, we all enjoy our privacy and relaxation moments! So why not book a taxi for your transfers on Thessaloniki, so that you have the luxury to get to know the city and all its secrets and history in the comfort of your private vehicle? Plan your trip, donʼt stress and rush to catch your flight or make it on time for your meeting and call now on +30 2310 302 163 to book your Thessaloniki taxi.

Most Popular Destinations Price
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Nea Moudania from 7,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Sani from 10,63  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Akti Elia from 13,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Afitos from 10,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Volos City / Port from 27,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Vourvourou from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Gerakini from 8,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Ierissos from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kavala from 20,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kallithea from 10,63  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kriopigi from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Metamorfosi Chalkidikis from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Neos Marmaras from 14,38  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Nikiti from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Ouranoupoli from 15,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Paralia Katerinis from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Pefkochori from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Sarti from 17,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Fourka from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Chanioti from 13,13  €
Athens Airport (ATH) - Alimos from 7,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Ikos Oceania from 7,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Ikos Olivia from 8,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Athena Pallas Village Resort from 13,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Porto Carras - Meliton, Sithonia from 14,38  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa from 14,38  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Alia Palace Luxury Hotel and Villas from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort from 15,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa from 10,63  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Meteora from 30,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Danai Beach Resort & Villas from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Tui Family Life Blue Lagoon Princess from 8,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa from 13,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Olympion Sunset from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Possidi Holidays Resorts & Suites Hotel from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Xenios Anastasia Resort & Spa from 13,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel from 8,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Theophano Imperial Palace Hotel from 10,63  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kassandra Palace from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Cronwell Resort Sermilia from 9,38  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Simantro Beach Hotel from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Sentido Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Cronwell Platamon Resort from 16,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Makrygialos from 11,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Afitos from 10,00  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Akti Elia from 13,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Asprovalta from 16,25  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Chanioti from 13,13  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Fourka from 12,50  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Gerakini from 8,75  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kalamitsi from 20,83  €
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) - Kallithea from 10,63  €